BZLLW Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Adjustable Exercise Bike Adjustable Seat and Handlebar,for Home Cardio Gym Workout Price: $6,099.27 (as of 05/10/2022 17:52 PST- Details)

★ADJUSTABLE ANTI-SLIP PEDAL:According to the ergonomic design of the non-slip pedal, adjust the position and tightness according to its own specific conditions, and protect the user’s feet from slipping and hurting during severe sports.
★Concave and convex, beautiful and practical, heat-dissipating material, high elasticity, can alleviate the shock caused by high-speed sports, easy and comfortable.
★HEART RATE MONITOR HANDLE:The heart rate is arranged on the armrest, and the palms are grasped on the heart rate tablets with both hands, and the heart rate data is monitored at any time for scientific fitness.

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