First Degree Fitness Fluid Rower – AR Newport Reserve Plus Price: $649.98 (as of 27/01/2023 09:14 PST- Details)

Rower, Fitness, Endurance, Training, Water Rower; Tank is made of tough polycarbonate shell with a triple-bladed stainless steel paddle. Variable water volume from 9 to 17 liters.; Computer displays Time, distance, 500m split time, strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts, interval training, and optional heart rate reception.; Product Weight 68; Product Height 20.1; Product Width 20.9; Product Depth 77.8; Assembly Required Yes
Fluid resistance technology Water ? nature?s perfect resistance. More resistance than most single resistance level competitors.
Ergonomic handle Designed to prevent strain on the arms, wrists, and hands.

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