JBM Neoprene Dumbbell Pairs, 2-8lbs Hand Weight Set of 2 Non Slip Hexagonal Shape Dumbbell with Easy to Read Number…

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Anti Slip Rubber Grip – The abdominal wheel adopt a rubber grip design which increase the friction between hand and the abroller handle. Men and women hands may sweat a lot during the process of gym and fitness, an abdominal roller handle with great friction is quite necessary to avoid slipping and allow men and women to hold the ab trainer firmly.
Dual Wheels Design for Balance – The abwheel is designed with dual wheels, which increase balance and stability compared to single wheel abroller. It is better for beginners to use the dual wheel abdominal exercise equipment to reduce wobbling and increase confidence and safety for further workout or crossfit.
Health Benefit – The abdominal exercise equipment helps to develop core strength while also strengthening arms, chest, shoulders and back. You’ll get an effective full body workout with this revolutionary Ab Roller. For adult, men, women, youth who want to say goodbye to belly fat, the ab roller is a nice choice.