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More versatile than any ab roller / ab wheel, the SmithShaper Ab & Squat Roller Exercise System can be used for 25+ exercises indoors or outdoors! It’s best for targeting abdominals, butt, legs, waist, quadriceps, hamstrings, obliques, lower and upper back, chest, arms and shoulder muscles.
Provides an intense workout but easy to use for all fitness levels. This is one of the best solutions for building up glutes (butt muscles) and quadriceps as this is the world’s only wearable device for perfect posture squats! It slips on your back and rolls against any wall enabling a high number of squat repetitions. Three squat variations can be performed. A safe alternative to traditional squats which can lead to back and knee injuries.
Package includes a 16×20 Exercise poster with all 25 SmithShaper exercises. Exercise Videos also available to all SmithShaper customers. The compact and portable SmithShaper is a top exercise equipment solution for full body muscle building and aerobic conditioning. Besides squats, SmithShaper workouts can be accomplished in upright, prone or supine body positions for physical conditioning, body building, full body sculpting, and even physical therapy workouts.

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