Best Exercises to Lose Weight at Home Without Equipment

Losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks out there. Hitting the gym can be costly, with many off limits right now due to COVID-19. Why not try these simple exercises in the privacy of your own living room? You can work out at home and lose weight without using any equipment. If you are looking for the best exercises to lose weight at home without equipment, we’ve got you covered. Practice the set of exercises listed below and get going on your weight loss journey. There are no excuses!


Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart. Push the hips back and with bent knees, lower yourself to a squat position. Place your hands on the floor and jump lightly to land on the balls of your feet in a plank position. Now jump back so you land just short of your hands. Put your arms over the head and jump. Once you’ve landed back, go for the next rep. Do 10 reps per set.

Skater Jumps

This is one of the best exercises to lose weight at home without equipment. To begin, go into a semi-squat position. Now lean sideways to the right, landing on your right foot. Instantly, push off to the opposite direction to land on the left foot. Practice this exercise continuously without pausing. Do this exercise for a minute.

Jump Squats

Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart. Start by doing a normal squat – lower your hips as if you are sitting on a chair. Now, use your core strength and jump up with full intensity. When you land back on the ground, go back to the squat position. That’s one rep. Make sure to land as quietly and smoothly as you can. Practice this exercise for 45 seconds per set and go up to a minute once you’ve gained some stamina.

Mountain Climbers

Begin by going into the regular plank position. Keep your core tight and bring your left knee forward towards your chest with the toes just above the ground. Go back to the plank position. Now bring your right knee to the chest. Keep alternating for one minute.

Walking Lunges

Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart and the arms to the side. Step forward with the right foot, lowering your left knee towards the floor at about 90 degrees. Make sure the right knee does not go past the toes. Now step up, find balance on your right foot and alternate feet. Do this exercise for 45 seconds to a minute per set.


There you have it – the best exercises to lose weight at home without equipment. Practice each of these exercises for the number of reps or the duration prescribed above. Start with 3 to 5 sets and go on to do up to 10 sets to give your body a complete workout while burning maximum calories.

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