Top Five Ideas for Family Fitness During Lockdown

After months in lockdown, finally the warmer months are upon us.  It’s never been a better time to get the whole family into a schedule of regular fitness together and enjoy the sunshine at the same time.  Simple daily tasks can have exercises built into them, and you’ll not only be improving your family’s fitness, you’ll be enjoying it together.  Here are some simple ideas to motivate your family.

Schedule a regular morning or evening walk

If you make it a non negotiable, a daily family walk can be a great way to exercise together and get out into the neighbourhood.  If you’re fortunate enough to live near a park or public garden, even better.  Even a short walk around the block is great for releasing endorphins and getting the blood pumping and muscles moving.  Small kids will love just being with you, enjoying their surroundings and chatting away.  Older kids and teenagers can go for a longer and more challenging walk with you. Take your dog and off you go!

Try online family fitness classes

Have fun trying out different online classes during the COVID-19 lockdown.  There are many free classes available and you don’t need fancy gym equipment.  Many can be done simply in your own living room or outdoors on grass if you have a large enough yard and a laptop or cell phone.  Let your children take turns choosing different exercise classes and have some fun mixing it up!

Build fitness into simple chores

Even housework can be turned into a fun way to keep your family motivated to move.  By giving children simple housework tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, or for older kids, mowing lawns, you’re building fitness into their day without realising!  Keeping moving is so important and is often overlooked, and housekeeping can be part of your kids’ regular routine with pocket money as another motivator to get those chores done and those bodies active. Who said spring cleaning was boring?

Family Fitness Challenge

Kids of all ages can benefit from a family fitness challenge.  Whether you have very young kids, or older teenagers, you can tailor a challenge to suit your family.  Consider a circuit with jumping jacks, mountain climbers, push ups or lunges. You don’t need expensive equipment, and can involve your kids to contribute to designing the challenges.  Make up a chart to track progress, and think of some fun rewards.  The options are limitless.

Family Dance-a-thon

Just do it!  Let loose, and dance around the house!  Have fun being silly and have the kids join in.  They’ll love seeing your fun side and may even bust a few of their own moves…just keep that music cranking and see where it takes you.

We hope this gave you some inspiration to keep your family fit and active during lockdown and beyond.  Enjoy!

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