Home Gym Reviews

home gym reviews

If you are looking to purchase a home gym, you’ll find many different types of models in every price range available. Many manufacturers have several different types of home gyms to choose from, making the selection even more difficult. Hence the need for home gym reviews.

When selecting a home gym, check out the special features, warranty information, number of exercises that can be performed on that model, weight stack and resistance type and if additional weight can be added on. Checking out the specifications of the home gym will give you dimensions and weight load capacities. Some consumer home gym reviews can be very helpful in your selection of a home gym.

It you have been looking around you would have noticed that there are several well-known manufacturers of home gyms. Each one of these have their distinct advantages and disadvantages The following home fitness gyms are particularly noteworthy. The home gym reviews below focus on some top fitness equipment manufacturers.

Bodycraft has a range of home gyms starting from the Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym to the Bodycraft Family Express 2 Home Gym. If you are looking for a home gym that fits into the corner of your room and has space saving design, check out the Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym. This two station home gym comes with a 200 pound weight stack and a lifetime warranty.
A leg press can also be added to this home gym as an option.

Body Solid is another manufacturer of high quality fitness equipment and has many home gyms to choose from. In addition to their Body Solid brand, they also offer a selection of home gyms with their other brand names, Body Solid Powerline and Body Solid Best Fitness. If you are looking for a compact design that does not take up a lot of room and comes 90 percent preassembled check out the Body Solid Powerline BSG10x Home Gym.
Another home gym that also has received many good reviews is the Body Solid EXM 1500s. The reasonable price, lifetime warranty, with different exercise options make it a good choice to consider for your home gym.

Free weights have always been used as an effective training method for building body muscles and improving your fitness levels. Leverage systems use the same principle by copying the motion of free weights,insuring correct alignment, making you get the best possible workout. The built in safety features allow you to have a safe workout without the need of a training partner. The Powertec workbench Leverage System home Gym (WB-LS) and the Powertec Workbench Multi Leverage System Home Gym (WB-MS) are two home gyms that can provide you with many different exercise options. Since there is no weight stack on the Leverage home gyms, you can add resistance by simply adding weight plates to the machine.

Any of the home gym products mentioned in the home gym review above could be a good choice for users who are looking for exercise equipment at home. People who want light exercise can go for smaller, inexpensive and less complex home gyms. The main point to keep in mind is that there is a home gym in the market to suit everyone.

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