Inversion Therapy

inversion therapy

For many back pain sufferers, inversion therapy or gravity guidance has introduced a new lease of life, and a level of comfort and relief which medication and physiotherapy alone are rarely able to offer. Allowing patients to hang inverted using gravity boots or a similar inversion mechanism, the therapy provides a far more natural method of relieving back pain than most standard solutions. The reason why inversion therapy has been hailed by so many people who suffer regularly with back discomfort or spinal pain is because of the approach which it takes. Rather than dulling the pain with medication, disguising the symptoms but doing little for the cause, inversion therapy tackles the real cause of back pain, spinal discomfort and posture related injuries.

Every time we stand up, gravity is crushing our spines, forcing each vertebrae to push down on the one below. Our muscles are pulled down too, increasing this spinal compression. As we move walk and twist our backs, our vertebrae grind against cartilage in between, and it is this constant pressure, combined with natural wear and tear, which can easily lead to back pain or back injuries. Lying down, and even having physiotherapy can relieve the immediate discomfort, but it is only inversion therapy which is able to provide longer term relief, by using gravity itself as the solution. By hanging upside down the patient’s spine is allowed to gently and naturally restore itself to a more comfortable state. Not only does it allow the vertebrae and the muscles to reverse the pressure, and eliminate the daily pressure being felt, but it releases pressure on the nerves, and allows the circulatory system to provide more oxygen to those areas normally under tense pressure.

But the therapy is not just for back pain sufferers. Indeed, many people use inversion therapy or gravity guidance who have never had any back problems at all. Because using gravity boots or some other inversion mechanism allows the body to invert the pressures and strains normally experienced as a result of gravity, many benefits can result. It has been praised by many for its ability to help rejuvenate and oxygenate the brain, since normally the heart has to pump hard to force the blood and oxygen to the brain, inversion therapy is often used by people to aid relaxation, clear thinking, problem solving and meditation.

With an increased number of us spending longer each day sitting at desks, posture can become a problem for many, and in the long term this can lead to spinal problems. Inversion therapy or gravity guidance can help alleviate any problems being caused through bad posture, helping to straighten the spine, loosen the tension caused in key areas such as the small of the back, and allow a more natural shape to be adopted and encouraged. Using inversion therapy on a regular basis can result in improved posture, improved circulation, decreased muscle spasm, tension and back pain, and can even work as an aid to thinking. Inversion therapy has turned the concept of back pain upside down.

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